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Tabela HTML do CSV

GrabzIt can perform HTML Table to CSV and HTML Table to Excel conversions on web pages containing embedded tables. This is supported by both our Narzędzie do tworzenia zrzutów ekranu and API's, which supports eight programming languages, including ASP.NET i PHP.

Simply pass the URL of the page that the HTML tables appears in to the URL parameter of your call to the API and the HTML table it contains will be converted into a CSV or Excel document. If you choose the Excel format xlsx multiple tables can be converted at once with a table on each sheet. Otherwise for the CSV format only the first table is converted, however the table to be converted can be selected.

If you are using the Online Screenshot Tool, select CSV or XLSX from the format select box and then enter the URL of the page that the HTML table appears in into pole tekstowe adresu URL. Raz ty save the scheduled task the CSV or Excel document will be created respectively and sent to the location you have specified.

Read this article for a working example and more information on how to convert HTML tables to CSV documents.