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Wskazówki dotyczące zatrudniania programisty

It is our policy not to write code for our customers. Regardless of whether the software being developed is for an application, website or module. This is because we prefer to concentrate our resources on improving the services we offer.

But don't despair if you can't write the code yourself or don't have the time, we recommend that you post your request on We have had many customers who have successfully used them to hire competent programmers to write some excellent software. It is also often cheaper to hire a programmer than you might think especially with the additional $20 credit freelancer will give you for your first project!

Po włączeniu wolny strzelec click on Sign Up or Log In to get started. Then when you are in your account click on Start a Project to write your requirements for free.

When writing your requirements it is important that you are as clear as possible as this will minimize any misunderstanding. Remember to point them to our Dokumentacja API or Scraper API documentation as appropriate, this should help any programmer get started quickly. Also it is important to mention to the programmer that all of the basic services are free to use forever,and include premium features for seven days.

After you have submitted your project you should start getting bids in minutes.